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History of Medulin


The town is easily recognized from afar because they were overwhelmingly pushed him over the two white towers of St. Agnes.

Roman times was the first period of "tourism" in this region. So the whole area of southern Istria region become the largest Roman residential complex which is now clearly seen by the remains from Roman period. The grandest among them is the residential complex on a peninsula Vizula in Medulin, built in the 4th century during the exiled son of the Emperor Constantine Crisp.

While strolling through the history of Medulin you shouldn't miss the Church of Our Lady of Health, where you can find precious frescoes and Glagolitic graffiti from the 15th century, as well as the parish church of sv. Agnes built in 1894, characterized by its two 33-meter-high towers, which is a common theme on the postcards of Medulin.


Medulin Riviera and Attractions


Once a fishing village, today is a modern tourist center, Medulin offers a dynamic and eventful vacation. Everything is focused on tourism. Unique Bijeca sandy beach, a mile long, especially attracts families with small children.

There is plenty of entertainment and nightlife. Entertainment is varied, from discotheques to dance terraces open until morning. With many cultural events we would point out the summer concert programs of Medulin, within which classical concerts in churches and town squares. Medulin "placa" is the place where you can enjoy in warm summer evenings and where you can see folk festivals, fishing festivals, concerts and craft fairs, or simply enjoy a romantic walk along the picturesque Riviera. Sports offer is one of the main trumps of Medulin. The offer is very rich and diverse, visitors are available for soccer fields and athletic tracks, equipment, diving, sailing or windsurfing. On the Riviera is also one of the most beautiful mountain bike trails in Istria, and for riding enthusiasts there are two well-managed horse stables. There is also golf course and numerous tennis courts.

Near there is a fishing village of Premantura and the protected area of Kamenjak cape, the southernmost point of Istria, where you become part of nature. Magical panoramas, white rocky beaches and nearly 500 plant species that bear witness to the biodiversity and ecological preservation areas. The particularity of the vegetation can be seen in several orchid species. Would you like an adventure? Embark on one of the islands of the Medulin archipelago - Celu, Levan or Bodulas. Go fishing or dive into the underwater world. Perhaps you would like to see the area from the air? For you apanoramic flight sports plane from the nearby sports airport. Do not miss the old windmills by the sea, Vizula archaeological site with remains of Roman villas, dinosaur footprints on Fenoliga island and so on ...

There is a wide selection and its up to you to choose...

We recommend you ~ Medulin Riviera!


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